Caspar David Friedrich, Wiesen bei Greifswald, 1821/22 © Hamburger Kunsthalle/bpk, Foto: Elke Walford

Caspar David Friedrich. Hometown

Meadows near Greifswald & Greifswald Harbour
Special exhibition

Caspar David Friedrich remained closely connected to Greifswald, the place of his birth, childhood and youth, throughout his life. One of the most impressive testimonies to this is the painting "Meadows near Greifswald", which belongs to the Kunsthalle in Hamburg. In 2024 the Pomeranian State Museum will bring the painting back to the Baltic Sea and place it at the centre of the special exhibition, which will illuminate Friedrich's connection to his hometown and conclude the anniversary year. The presentation is complemented by preparatory drawings, views of the city by his contemporaries and a room installation which explores Friedrich's meadow landscape.

The patron of the special exhibition is Mayor Dr. Stefan Fassbinder.


To the anniversary year 2024 at the Pomeranian State Museum.