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We offer guided tours on various topics related to the museum and its collection, in German, English, and Polish. Please mention your preferred topics when booking.



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1. Our first guided tour takes you through the regional history, excluding the 20th century

“From the Ice Age to the Baltic Resorts: 14,000 years of history in the land by the sea”

Take a romp through the history of Pomerania from the Ice Age to its role as Berlin’s bathtub. Find out why Martin Luther, a Saxon princess, and a Pomeranian duke are depicted together on the Croy Tapestry, and why the Swedes preformed a thorough survey of their Pomeranian province.

Duration: 1.5 h

2. The second guided tour takes you through the history of the region, but without the geological and prehistory

“Hanseatic merchants, Renaissance princes, and landlords: Cultural History from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century”

This tour through Pomeranian history begins with the demise of the Slavic temple at Cape Arkona. From there, you can follow the developing techniques of brick building, the unique Croy Tapestry, and the turmoil of the Thirty Years’ War. You’ll learn why the Pomeranian dialect “Pommersch Platt” is still spoken today in the Brazilian jungle.

Duration: 1.5 h

3. The third tour focuses on Pomerania in the 20th century

“Pomerania on the way to Europe: From the World Wars to the present”

Objects and eyewitness accounts illuminate this epoch of ruptures and continuities – from the World Wars to the enormous numbers of displaced persons and migrants up to the present day. We present interesting facts about population flight and expulsion, about “East Mecklenburg” in the German Democratic Republic, about “West Pomerania” in Poland, and about the Pomeranian Renaissance after German reunification.

Duration: 1 h

4. The fourth tour offers highlights throughout the state’s history

“A gold ring, the Croy Tapestry and the Swedish royal cabinet: highlights of the region’s history”

Here we recount the story behind two kilograms of gold from the era of the Migration Period, the tale of the 4 x 7 m tapestry, and the five Swedish kings and a queen. We’ll also explain why the steamship “Kaiser Wilhelm” proved so shocking to the British in 1897.

Duration: 1 h

5. The fifth tour presents highlights throughout the history of the region and the collection at the Picture Gallery

“Land by the Sea and Croy Tapestry, Caspar David Friedrich and Vincent van Gogh: insights into the Pomeranian State Museum”

Experience the diversity and treasures of the Pomeranian State Museum: from the remains of the Franciscan monastery to the award-winning museum architecture, and from the Pomeranian dinosaur to Max Liebermann’s paintings.

Duration: 1.5 h

6. The sixth guided tour takes you through the entire collection of the Picture Gallery

“Caspar David Friedrich, Vincent van Gogh & Co. – 400 years of art history”

The tour will acquaint you with interesting facts about great masters and their sophisticated craftsmanship and stunning motifs. We reveal why Caspar David Friedrich’s dogs have six ears, how Max Liebermann painted sunspots, and who brought van Gogh to Pomerania.

Duration: 1.5 h

7. The Birth of Romanticism

“The Birth of Romanticism – Caspar David Friedrich and his fellow painters”

Experience the originals of Caspar David Friedrich in his birthplace, and encounter his fellow painters, Runge, Carus, and Dahl. At the end of the tour you will know why the Eldena ruins are not in Greifswald but in the Giant Mountains ...

Duration: 1 h

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Guided tours


Tours are limited to a maximum of 15 persons. Prices in addition to entrance fee.

Guided tour in German, 60 min.
€ 50.00

Guided tour in German, 90 min.
€ 75,00

Guided tour in English/Polish, 60 min.
€ 60,00

Guided tour in English/Polish, 90 min.
€ 85,00

Curator-guided tour, 60 min. (subject to availability)
€ 100,00

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