Visitor Regulations

We welcome you to our museum and wish you a pleasant stay. At the beginning of your visit, we would like to acquaint you with our visitor regulations.

Opening hours

The Pomeranian State Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from May to October, and Tuesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from November to April, as well as on all public holidays. The Monastery Garden is open during the above opening hours from May to October. The Pomeranian State Museum is closed on Mondays, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. The Pomeranian State Museum reserves the right to make special arrangements for particular occasions.

Guided tours and group visits

Guided tours for individual visitors take place at the times announced in our programme of events and on our homepage. Guided tours for groups can also be made by appointment. In addition to the admission fee, an appropriate guided tour fee is charged for the group (for more detail, consult the tariffs in our admission fees). The number of participants per group is limited to a maximum of 15. If a group is larger, it will be divided, and the corresponding tour fee will be charged for each part. Guided tours and admission fees may be paid at our ticket office or via online ticket sales on our homepage. For guided tours for school classes and other study groups, only the admission fee for our museum’s educational events is charged based on the number of pupils or participants. Registered groups have priority over self-guided groups. Self-guided groups must coordinate their visit to the exhibition with the museum administration and have it confirmed by them.

The Pomeranian State Museum is an educational and research institution of the University of Greifswald. Academic events are free of charge and are coordinated with the museum administration.

Leaving bulky articles and luggage at the cloakroom area

In order to prevent damage to exhibits, we ask visitors to leave bulky items of all kinds, such as umbrellas, weather capes, wet clothing, rucksacks, bags, backpack handbags, and photographic and film equipment larger than DIN A 4 (approx. 20 x 30 cm) with a maximum depth of approx. 15 cm, at the cloakroom area on the ground floor or basement level of the main building before entering the exhibition rooms. When in doubt, please follow the instructions of the supervisory staff. Cloakroom storage is free of charge. Coats must be handed in or worn. Clothing may not draped over the arm in the exhibition area. During events, large items of luggage must be handed in at the cloakroom or at the ticket counter.

Lockers for the storage of valuables are available to visitors in the cloakroom area. Visitors may deposit their items in them and lock them with a € 1 coin. The key remains with the visitor while using the locker. No liability is accepted for valuables in the lockers or in the cloakroom.

If the key is lost, an € 8.00 fee must be paid to replace it.

Folding stools are available to visitors on loan and may be taken into the exhibition rooms.

Behaviour in the exhibition and event rooms

Teachers, group leaders, and guardians are responsible for the appropriate behaviour of children and young people and must accompany and supervise them at all times. Small children must be held by the hand of their accompanying guardians. Eating, drinking, and smoking is not permitted in the exhibition rooms; visitors are not allowed to carry food or beverages with them. Visitors are liable for any damage caused by their behaviour. Please enjoy your visit to the museum in peace and quiet. To that end, we recommend you turn your mobile phone off, as may disturb not only you but others.

Supervisory staff

The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed without restriction. If the visitor regulations or the instructions of the supervisory staff are not followed, the management of the Pomeranian State Museum or its representatives may prohibit such persons from continuing their stay at the museum. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with visitor regulations and the instructions of the supervisory staff may be banned from the museum.

Securing the exhibition objects

It is not permitted to touch exhibited objects; exceptions are clearly marked. Nor is it permitted to handle objects in the immediate vicinity of the exhibits that are likely to cause damage to the exhibits. Animals may not be taken into exhibition rooms or other indoor and outdoor facilities. The management of the Pomeranian State Museum is entitled to close all exits in the event of a theft alarm and to keep only the main entrance open while carrying out checks on visitors.

Photography and filming

Taking photos without flash and filming in the exhibition rooms and in the Forum is permitted for private use. Photography and filming for commercial purposes or for current news coverage (press) requires the written permission of the museum’s management. Photography for commercial purposes is subject to a fee (see Pomeranian State Museum fee schedule).

Use of the library and archive

There are separate user regulations for the library and the archive; access to the archive is by arrangement with management.

Toilets, baby changing room; accessibility

Please understand that our toilets are only open to museum visitors. The entire museum is barrier-free. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the ground floor. A baby changing room is available on the ground floor for parents with babies and small children. Further information is available at the ticket counter.

Questions, suggestions, criticism

We would be very grateful for any suggestions and criticisms you might want to add to our visitors’ book. And our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

Effective as of:

These visitor regulations are effective as of 1 January 2022.

Greifswald, 1 January 2022