Education and outreach projects

“The City at the End of the World”

Third-grade students’ project on Lyonel Feininger

On several project days, pupils from the Käthe Kollwitz Primary School worked with their teacher Mrs Bercher and the artist Marcus Schramm on their “City at the End of the World”.

The starting point for this project were toys, drawings, and graphics by the artist Lyonel Feininger, as well as Greifswald’s historical buildings, churches, and city gates.

The third graders recorded them in drawings, then playfully transposed them into geometric colour surfaces.

The result is a walk-in picture ...

“Rudolf Virchow: a walk-in biography”

Under the direction of Jo Zynda, students of the Caspar David Friedrich Institute (University of Greifswald) developed installations, multimedia and analogue formats about the pathologist, doctor, organiser, teacher and collector Rudolf Virchow, who was born in Schivelbein/Świdwin in East Pomerania.

To the special exhibition

“Greifswald Moments”

Greifswald students of the 11th and 12th grade advanced art course at the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium went on a search for traces of “Caspar David Friedrich, Volkmar Herre, and Hiroyuki Masuyama” in Greifswald and its surroundings.

Inspired by the way these artists think and work, the students recorded texts, sepias, drawings, and collages about their home town in a sketchbook ...

“Szczecin – past and present”

Pupils of an 8th grade class of the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium visited the new part of the permanent exhibition “Pomerania in the 20th Century” at the Pomeranian State Museum, where they focussed on information, objects, and installations on the history of Szczecin.

On an excursion to Szczecin, they got to know the “Przełomy” (Upheavals) Dialogue Centre and created a tour of historical traces in the city centre.

The tour they created will be made available to other school classes of other grades and is intended to encourage further excursions to Szczecin and to Greifswald and the Pomeranian State Museum.